T3 Training » Lesson 1: Why Use Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom?

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CERT‘s insight:

A great way to get more insight into how to add more interactivity, activity and collaboration practices into your classroom, using technology to help you.

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Teachers Flip for ‘Flipped Learning’ Class Model

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When Timmy Nguyen comes to his pre-calculus class, he’s already learned the day’s lesson — he watched it on a short online video prepared by his teacher for homework.

So without a lecture to listen to, he and his classmates at Segerstrom Fundamental High School spend class time doing practice problems in small groups, taking quizzes, explaining the concept to other students, reciting equation formulas in a loud chorus, and making their own videos while teacher Crystal Kirch buzzes from desk to desk to help pupils who are having trouble.

CERT‘s insight:

I would also suggest taking a look at the Khan Academy (http://www.khanacademy.org/) to see how the flipped classroom can actually work in a curricular setting. The Khan Academy website has thousands of videos to choose from for teaching and learning.

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The Learning Tools Directory – a practical guide to help you choose tools for your practice

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Are you feeling rather lost on the subject of use of digital tools and technologies for teaching and learning?
Do you feel like you don’t know from where to start looking for tools that you can use? Don’t know which tools would be good or maybe not so suitable for your needs?

Well, we recommend this site from the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies that contains a whole list of tools that can be used with student learners between ages 5-18. — This is a top recommendation to all those who wish to start implementing more digital practices in the classroom!

To all those who wish to follow Jane Hart, the woman who founded the Centre in 2005, these are the links to all her social profiles and networks: Twitter : @C4LPT  |  Facebook page :  C4LPT  |  LinkedIn : C4LPT  |  Google+ : Jane Hart

Beginning teaching with technology – some helpful guides!

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This link directs you to a wonderful site containing a number of podcasts that introduce the subject of teaching with technology.

On the subject of podcasts, you might also wish to start creating your own podcasts or have your students upload their podcasts about specific topics or subjects. I found this ‘Teacher’s Guide on the Use of Podcasting in Education‘ really comprehensive, and contains all the links to free downloadable software and services that you can make use of to help you start out! — Recommended!