The Learning Tools Directory – a practical guide to help you choose tools for your practice

Woman shown working using Computer. In the background other people seen using Computers.

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Are you feeling rather lost on the subject of use of digital tools and technologies for teaching and learning?
Do you feel like you don’t know from where to start looking for tools that you can use? Don’t know which tools would be good or maybe not so suitable for your needs?

Well, we recommend this site from the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies that contains a whole list of tools that can be used with student learners between ages 5-18. — This is a top recommendation to all those who wish to start implementing more digital practices in the classroom!

To all those who wish to follow Jane Hart, the woman who founded the Centre in 2005, these are the links to all her social profiles and networks: Twitter : @C4LPT  |  Facebook page :  C4LPT  |  LinkedIn : C4LPT  |  Google+ : Jane Hart


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