Multimodality in Practice – an evening of wonderfully creative ideas and more!

On the 20th May, 2013, we held the second in a series of seminars organised by CERT.

The evening, carrying the title of ‘Multimodality in Practice – learning & the media’ focused on many aspects of how different forms of media and the modes in which these are transmitted can affect engagement ultimately leading to learning. We also saw how learning can happen in serendipitous conditions, but how it can also be channeled in specific directions.

Our evening kicked off with a brief talk, delivered by George Cremona, and subsequent interventions by Trevor Zahra (author of a number of books in Maltese and author of ‘il-Fenek l-Aħmar’) and Josette Ciappara (Director of ‘Fenkata Immużikata’ – an evening activity set on the book “il-Fenek l-Aħmar” in aid of ‘Dar tal-Providenza’.

The seminar continued with interesting contributions of how different modalities were injected in the show thus contributing to an overall learning and educational experience. Another brief presentation by two B.Ed Hons students, featured a digital video game which they created under the tutorship and supervision of one member of the academic staff at the Faculty of Education, targeting young children and set around the focus of the book ‘il-Fenek l-Aħmar’, gave us some insights into how technology and games can be exploited for learning.

The seminar also featured three interesting presentations delivered by groups of PGCE students, working under the supervision of another member of academic staff, at the Faculty of Education, who set out on designing and developing a number of resources, related to Mathematics, English, and Social Studies, that used technology-based tools and application, to aid learning.

Multimodality in Practice – Photo gallery

The evening concluded with an informal networking session, where all the participants could socialize and discuss their work with their peers and members of the academia. If you wish to join us for another CERT evening, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. You can also feel free to suggest themes, and workshops for future CERT activities. We hope that in the future we will be able to collaborate more with teachers, and members of the community in a way that can enrich teaching and learning.


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