Put the “I” back in IWB

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21st Century Technology Skills Are a Core Competency for Today’s Graduates

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Our students need to be comfortable with the information technologies that are inextricably linked to the 21st century skills the work place requires, and teachers need to help pave the way.

Nik Peachey‘s insight:

Good short read which looks at what 21st century digital skills really are.

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How the Power of Interest Drives Learning

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If catching people’s interest is about seizing attention and providing stimulation, holding it is about finding deeper meaning and purpose in the exercise of interest. Caution is required here, however. Research has found that infusing a subject with meaning by stressing its future utility can produce the opposite of its intended effect.

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Top 10 Free E-Learning Authoring Tools

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Technology and the Internet can be used in many different ways, and you can benefit a lot if you learn how to use them wisely. You won’t realize the full potential of the Internet and your gadgets until you start using tools that will enhance your learning and authoring potential. There are many tools that can be used for that purpose, but we chose the best 10 of them for educational writers, which you should start using as soon as possible.

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GCSE overhaul in England made final by Ofqual

Exams regulator Ofqual has confirmed the changes it is making to GCSEs, in what it calls the biggest shake-up in exams in England for a generation.

A new grading system will use numbers instead of letters and coursework is being scrapped for most subjects.

The changes will be in stages, starting with pupils taking GCSE exams in 2017 – those who will be 13 before the end of the current school year.

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