Another talk that every teacher, educator or parent shouldn’t miss!

This is a new, wonderfully inspiring talk by Sir Ken Robinson, in which he outlines three very fundamental drivers to the flourishing of human life and compares them to what is happening in education. We do believe, that even though during this talk, he is referring to America and the education system over there, there are many parallels to what we see happening in Malta. In particular we refer to the “de-professionalisation of teachers” issue as we concur with Sir Ken Robinson, that teaching in essence is a creative profession – one which drives, stimulates, and engages learning. If teachers, keep on being driven by tests, then their autonomy over ways in which they can stimulate learning, is stifled – what we are seeing today are the results of such a repression in creativity and the profession.


Definition Of Digital Citzenship

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Revising that might more clearly articulate the differences between physical and digital communities, so a decent definition of digital citizenship then might be “Self-monitored participation that reflects conscious interdependence with all (visible and less visible) community members”

CERT‘s insight:

Do you consider yourself a digital citizen all the time? Even when you are teaching or learning inside a classroom? Why is it that students and teachers are still expecting to be told what to learn and how to learn it? What does it really mean to be a digital citizen? …. 

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